“No more police abuse”, shout Mazatlan journalists


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Fellow reporters, photographers, university students, lawyers, and members of the Mazatlán Surfers Association, expressed solidarity and in one voice demanded to stop the excesses and police abuses.

Gathered in the Sister Cities Park, a few meters from where a Gala Dinner was held for the benefit of the civil association and shelter for adults “A Drop in the Ocean”, the journalists of the different media spoke against the abuses committed by police elements against surfers and two photojournalists last Wednesday.

“We want respect for journalists, that citizens such as reporters are not abused, we want respect for the press,” said some fellow journalists.

“We are journalists, we are not criminals,” said another journalist for her part.

At least 50 people were present at the demonstration that took place a few meters from a gala event that brought together the political class, state and municipal government officials, businessmen, and Mazatlan society.

There, a member of the Mazatlán Surfers Association raised his voice and denounced that the police treat them as vile criminals, just because they see them walking in sandals, shirtless and carrying their surfboard.

On Wednesday morning, after the passage of hurricane “Pamela”, Grupo Capta policemen forcibly and excessively evicted some surfers in the area of ​​Playa Pinitos. Abuse that was documented by two photojournalists from a local news portal. Within minutes, the policemen let themselves go against the journalists and, with excessive use of force, forced them to get on a patrol car.

“I am retired from Telefonos de México, and they see me on the street and treat me like a criminal and it is not worth it. We demand respect for everyone, ” exclaimed a citizen who reported the mistreatment he receives from police officers.

“On several occasions, the same thing has happened to us, on several occasions when there is no bad weather, if they see you walking with a board, you are synonymous with the fact that you are a criminal and that is not true, we have professional people, we have working people, they have us labeled, they see us as lazy, because we walk in shorts, without a shirt, because we walk on the beach, with tattoos, ”he said as a surfer member who was in solidarity with the reporters and photographers.

They demanded to stop this stigma that they are lazy and drug addicts because they are not.

There, there were colleagues who practice surfing in the waves and who suffered from police excess, who expressed their confidence that this will not happen again.

The reporters and photographers from the different media sheltered with their support and backing their colleagues Erick and Bryan, who were present at the demonstration.

These two photojournalists have already filed a complaint with the Public Ministry and with Human Rights, as well as the surfers who suffered excessive police.

And while at the Gala Dinner the Camarata of the Angela Peralta Theater was preparing to delight those present, the fellow journalists expressed at the top of the list the demand that police abuses end ” No more police abuses, no more police abuses.”

Source: elsoldesinaloa.com.mx

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