Sewer has been overflowing for five weeks in Mazatlan’s Juan Pablo II Ave


The bad odors that are emitted can be perceived from several meters away

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Neighbors and merchants on Juan Pablo II Avenue reported that a sewer located on the road, at the height of Arnoldo Rigodanza Avenue, has been overflowing with sewage for five weeks.

The bad odors that are given off and the puddling of the waste is an affectation for the settlers, who can no longer even eat at ease.

“It already has days, the plague is strong and more at noon, it does hurt because here we sell food and the bad smell reaches here, right now it is mild because there are other days that seem like a source, ” commented the employee of a seafood restaurant.

Mr. José mentions that the overflow of sewers is very recurrent in those neighborhoods of the area, November 20 and Extension November 20, more when it rains.

” This type of problem is very recurrent in the neighborhood, when it rains another three sewers overflow, the government already knows about the problem that Mazatlán has and they are doing other works, ” he mentioned.

The problem is almost a month old, two weeks ago they say that the Jumapam came to “fix”, but after a few days, it was overflowing again.

” It’s a pig farm, it started to overflow now with the rains, they came and fixed it about two weeks ago and that’s it again, another type of intervention is needed here, ” said a neighbor from November 20.

As this section of the avenue is downhill, all the waste is flooded and since it is a very busy road, the same motorists remove the sewage and raise more the plague.

The Mazatlan Post