To promote local consumption of regional products, they will carry out “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking”


“The objective is to give greater visibility to Sinaloan brands by generating positioning, sales, development, and growth of MSMEs”: Javier Lizárraga

Culiacán, Sinaloa, October 2021.

In order to promote Sinaloa brands seeking to generate business and economic development for our state, next Wednesday, October 13, in Room 53 from 3 in the afternoon to 9 at night, “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking” will be held, he announced in a press conference the Secretary of the Economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

In his invitation message to this important event for the development of MSMEs, the state official said that the objective of “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking” is to promote the development and growth of MSMEs in the State.

“Therefore, a face-to-face event Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking will be held with the aim of giving greater visibility to Sinaloa brands to generate positioning and sales, creating a networking environment to carry out negotiations, alliances and the business community,” he announced at a conference state official press.

The Secretary of Economy reported that the event in favor of local consumption and the promotion of products of MSMEs will benefit more than 200 companies from Sinaloa that will participate in different areas and activities, of these 25 companies will exhibit their brands in the SMEs area, 7 companies in gastronomy area, 5 franchises will promote their business models, 20 products from Sinaloan women will be displayed on the productive women’s cart, 10 mentoring companies will provide free advice and support, more than 150 companies and entrepreneurs will do business in the Networking area and more than 10 brands will participate in the fashion and beauty catwalk.

During the press conference, the Undersecretary of Economic Development, Morayma Yaseen Campomanes, highlighted the importance of “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking” since it is intended to promote the
consumption of products made by Sinaloan MSMEs.

“We invite citizens to local consumption, important dates are approaching such as the Day of the Dead, Halloween, the good end, and end-of-year and Christmas shopping,” he stressed.

He made a call that before any consumption and purchase local consumption is privileged, of Sinaloan MSMEs.

The Secretary of the Economy highlighted that events such as “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking” are important since the MSMEs are the support of the economy.

“To the extent that we are supporting our products and services in Sinaloa, we support the economic recovery more quickly and from now on to our companies,” he said.

In the announcement of “Consume Sinaloa Expo Networking” participated Beatriz Ochoa Noriega, from the company Chiltepin El Rey, and the Director of Entrepreneurship Dulce Bereniss Rodríguez López.

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