Rich and delicious coconuts with a Durango touch in Mazatlán


Almost 7 years after moving to try their luck from Durango to Mazatlán, Evelyn Rodríguez Tirado and her husband add a special touch to the sale of delicious and refreshing coconuts.

Yes, that’s right! And it is that, since the Duranguense arrived at the pearl of the Pacific, she has done nothing more than try her luck, she has even done it as a seamstress !, but she admits that trade is her thing and to show a For example, when she decided to join her life with Carlos, her now-husband, they decided to try their luck together with the sale of coconuts, but customer service is the touch that only Evelyn can give.

The Durango woman admits that although sometimes customers arrive who are not heated by the sun, if patience, good service and kindness make the buyer have a good taste in their mouth when they taste the rich coconuts.

A normal coconut? Just the water in a bag? The fruit dough as you want it, shop, seasoning, or midpoint? What if I buy it, what if I sell it? How and what the client asks for!

And it is that you cannot resist a delicious fresh coconut and less with this heat that invades the Mazatlan lands, much less when they prepare it with such dedication as Evelyn and Carlos do.

cooling them, cutting the fruit so that it can be enjoyed, and then preparing a delicious snack with the coconut ‘carnita’ makes your mouth water just by seeing how they prepare it.

Lemon, salt, salt-spicy, sauce and seasoning sauce to taste, are the secret ingredients to enjoy a deliciously refreshing snack in the face of the high degrees of the sun.

Surely you have already seen them, they are located from 11 to 4 in the afternoon almost on Av. Ejército Mexicano, right between the Redpetroil gas station and a well-known bank.

There is the couple ready and willing to offer the best of themselves!

The next project is the gorditas duranguense, which we do not doubt are delicious.

Gorditas de maíz


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