The Mazatlán Cultural Festival 2021 arrives to rural areas


Siqueros, is the first stop made by the Culture in your Community program to bring the arts to all corners of the municipality

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The magic of the 2021 Mazatlán Cultural Festival came to the Siqueros community, with a Mexican repertoire in which the Angela Peralta Choir and the Folkloric Ballet of the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Arts participated. 

This first event of Culture in your Community, was directed by the teacher María Murillo for the solo singers’ Flor Estrada, Alfredo Torres, Priscila Irigoyen and Jorge Palacios, who went on stage and performed songs such as “The custom”, “La Bikina”, “Aires del mayab” and “Serenata Huasteca”, thus obtaining the applause of the attendees. 

On the other hand, with the representation in costumes of Sinaloa, Jalisco and Aguascalientes; dancers from the Ballet Folklorico of the Institute of Culture, directed by Maestro Javier Arcadia, left their souls on the track, who with their elegant movements, the intense footwork and the colorful show, provided moments of joy to children and other attending groups. 

Some of the pieces that were included in the repertoire were “El Burro”, “Los Indios”, “El Gavilancillo”, “La madrugada”, “Heifers”, “Jarabe Tapatio”, “El son de la negra”, “Toro Millo “,” Mazatlán “,” Coyote “,” El Toro viejo “,” El sauce y la Palma “,” Costeño “,” India Bonita “, and” El Sinaloense “.

This type of event by the Municipal Institute of Culture, comes to strengthen the idea of ​​bringing culture and the arts to all corners of the Port.


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