Land for homes being built for the displaced in Mazatlan is being claimed as private property


Currently, 52 homes are being built that will be delivered this month

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- More than a year after the purchase of the land for the construction of the CVIVE subdivision, south of Mazatlán, where 52 homes are already being built for those displaced by the violence of the mountains and the land is enabled to designate 300 lots for the same number of families, now it turns out that one of the hectares is owned.

Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, a coordinator of the Movimiento Amplio Social Sinaloense, pointed out that it was this week that they noticed that a person outside the displaced began to surround a part of the land, arguing that he had bought part of that land about 10 years ago, but that He had no resources, until today, to be able to occupy them.

At the moment, he added, he has not presented documents that show that the hectare belongs to him and if he has the papers, he will have to present them to the Housing Commission, which was in charge of carrying out the transaction.

Gutiérrez assures that these lands belong to the families and with the Federal Law for the Protection of Displaced Persons that was approved last year, he affirms that they are going to recover them.

“He is a person who says that he bought a hectare there about 10 years ago, but he could never occupy it until today, that it is already clean, dismantled and paired. He went and fenced it, but we are going to assign it to displaced people with the Protection Law of Displaced persons issued by Congress last year. Everything indicates that he is a profiteer and that he does not have a property title, “he said.

The total area of ​​the land is 5.5 hectares, from which about 300 lots will come out to be distributed to the same number of families, the cost was 15 million pesos.

“What I am saying specifically is that these lands belong to the displaced and we are going to take them next week, whoever is there, and if that person has legal support, let him present it to the CVIVE, ” he said.


On the other hand, he reported that the construction of the 52 houses is going well; currently, basic public services are being introduced and possibly next week they will begin paving the street.

“They are going well, progress is being made on the issue of drainage, records have to be made in each house to discharge to the main network, they are putting water and electricity and finally, I think, the pavement begins next week “, reported.

The percentage of progress is high, so he estimates that they will be ready before the departure of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, as promised.


The Mazatlan Post