Strong seismic activity is registered in Ahome, Sinaloa; 9 tremors in the last hours


Only on September 30, there were eight movements, and October begins with one of medium intensity

Sinaloa. – The month of September began and ended “shaken”, there were 21 earthquakes, of which 8 were registered in a very short period of time on Thursday 30, the strongest of 4.1 degrees of intensity .

But that’s not all, October also begins with tremors and at dawn on this first day of the month, the first was recorded 63 kilometers southwest of Los Mochis, at 5:07 am (Central Mexico Time) with intensity 4.

The breakdown of the National Seismological Service thus details the series of movements registered in the last hours:

Thursday, September 30, 2021
1. 15:02 hours at 101 kilometers southwest of Ahome, Sinaloa magnitude 4.
2. 15:21 hours at 105 km southwest of Ahome, magnitude 4.1.
3. 15:39 hours 90 km southwest of Ahome, magnitude 3.9.
4. 3:40 p.m. 96 km southeast of Ahome, magnitude 3.9.
5. 15:46 hours at 98 km southwest of Ahome, magnitude 4.
6. 15:52 hours at 102 km southwest of Ahome, magnitude 3.7.
7. 16:27 hours 88 kilometers southwest of Ahome, magnitude 4.2.
8. 4:47 pm at 98 km southwest of Ahome, magnitude 4. 

Friday, October 1
1. 5:07 am 63 km southwest of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, magnitude 4.

September closed with 51 registered movements, the strongest of 5.6 on the 23rd at 134 kilometers southwest of La Cruz, Sinaloa, which was perceived by a large part of the population, even from other municipalities such as Culiacán. 

Specialists have indicated that this series of movements arise from the El Farallón Falla, which has maintained the displacement of places, but they clarified that they are not high risk. 

However, there have been nervous breakdowns among some people, and even cracks in walls, broken glass and in Los Mochis a connate of fire after the movement of a gas cylinder, which fortunately the inhabitants of a house were able to control.


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