“Nereo The Black Tower of The Sea” It will be the largest tower in Mazatlán


It is the first real estate project with a condo-hotel concept, which also promises to be the tallest tower on Avenida Del Mar

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Nereo The Black Tower of The Sea, will be the first real estate project with a condo-hotel concept, which also promises to be the tallest tower so far projected on Del Mar Avenue.

Accompanied by municipal and state authorities, Aarón Francisco Osuna, director of Grupo Bonanza, Diana Rodríguez Duarte, director of Art and Design in Construction GMC and the Architect César Aramburo, carried out the presentation of this innovative real estate development.

“Nereo is the first condo-hotel project on Del Mar Avenue, we have a goal of 24 months to deliver it, it is an effort of three groups together, which are Grupo Bonanza confirmed by GMC, the architect César Aramburo and the investors of Grupo Bonanza “ said Aarón Francisco Osuna.

It has all the advantages of a resort, he added, in a condo tower; it will have 112 rooms for hotel occupancy and 60 condominiums, in addition to 4 penthouses.

There will be a total of 179 units of different sizes and number of bedrooms on 18 levels, in addition to having several levels dedicated to different amenities, such as an indoor semi-Olympic pool, spa, gym, shops, restaurants, and the largest rooftop sky bar in the port.

The initial investment of what claims to be, so far, the largest projected tower in Avenida Del Mar is 490 million pesos and will begin operating in 2023.

It is already known that Mazatlán is going through a great moment of real estate growth and that for many it is unstoppable. The city, says Jorge Estavillo Kelly, Planning Director, is ready to receive all this infrastructure.

“From the moment the Miravalles water treatment plant was started, it came to guarantee the supply of drinking water, the issue of drainage, every time a new project is authorized it is requested to be the main work, as long as there is feasibility it will continue having growth, “he said.

Its agency is in charge of granting permits for such developments and among the requirements, the feasibility of Jumapam, CFE, Civil Protection, among other instances, as well as an environmental impact study are requested.

The official was invited to the presentation ceremony, on behalf of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez, and assured that said project has all the feasibility and studies.

“Because it is in an area facing the sea and being a tower, you need the environmental impact manifest and obtain the resolution, an area already existed here, it was already an impacted area, but it needs to be done to keep track of it,” he said. .

The developments in the tourist strip are characterized by having a vertical growth, which Estavillo Kelly considers represents less deterioration than expanding horizontally.

“What the Territorial Ordinance Law requires is to make the most of the already concentrated areas to avoid expanding, because expanding if it represents a greater deterioration, on the other hand if we have land, with high development potential as it is in this case, we must develop as much as possible upwards, “he considered.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx, tvpacifico.mx

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