Over 30 neighborhoods will not have water this Thursday 23rd in Mazatlán


The General Manager of Jumapam explained that due to the modernization works on Av. Gabriel Leyva and another on Calle Enrique Pérez Arce that the companies will carry out.

The affected colonies in the supply of the vital liquid will be Benito Juárez, Esperanza, Santa Elena, Anáhuac, Pino Suárez, Jesús García, Constitución, Morelos, Casa Hogar, Olímpica, Rubén Jaramillo, Toledo Corro, Villa Galaxia, Villa Satélite, Villa Jaraco and Villas del Estero.

Neither will the Ramón F. Iturbe neighborhoods, November 20, Expansion November 20, Lico Velarde, Jacarandas, López Mateos, Alameda, Sánchez Celis, Pueblo Nuevo, El Toreo, Francisco Villa, Freedom of Expression, Dorados, Infonavit Playas , Journalists, Philharmonics, El Toro and Lomas de Mazatlán.

“We are going to be very vigilant and in advance we are inviting all Mazatlecos to prevent themselves, saving water, to do while making this new interconnection on Gabriel Leyva Avenue, because right now we are working 24 hours,” added the Engineer Núñez Gutiérrez.

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Source: jumapam.gob.mx

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