Mazatlan hoteliers trust that green covid traffic light will pick up occupancy


The next upturn in the Malecón accommodation centers will be for the long weekend of November

Mazatlán, Sin.- The revolutionary long weekend of the month of November, which is tied with the Buen Fin, in addition to the end of the year holidays, are the important dates for the hotel industry in Mazatlán at the end of 2021.

The president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, José Manguart Sánchez, stated that last weekend he did not meet the occupancy expectation of 60%, since the accommodation establishments on Del Mar Avenue barely reached 50% .

 The next important dates for the port are the Good End, which will take place from November 12 to 15 and later the December holiday season, for which reservations are already beginning to be given, which are expected to skyrocket in the month of November, “he said.

Manguart Sánchez trusts that when Sinaloa reaches the green color at the Covid-19 epidemiological traffic light, it reflects an increase in tourists to Mazatlán on weekends.

” The change in the color of the traffic light will give certainty and security, which today are conditioning factors for those interested in traveling, so that the hotels are at a good level, in addition to the current promotions making traveling to the port more attractive,” he said.

Manguart Sánchez recognized that the return to classes, the third wave of Covid and the economic situation were factors that influenced the national weekend, due to the Independence of Mexico, to show a low level of occupation.

He commented that in this low season the hotels barely register occupations of 25 and 30% and on weekends they reach 40%, so they work hard to increase the levels for the following months.

” As long as we survive we are well and we are at the equilibrium point, we already know the low valleys that are September, October and November, ” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post