Neighbors of Rincón de Urías seek urgent help for Daria Itzel, her mother died, her father left her and her brothers are drug addicts


“Living to the will of God”, little Daria Itzel was diagnosed with Microcephaly (A disorder in which the baby’s head is significantly smaller than expected, which is usually caused by abnormal brain development), the doctors told her she would only live about 3 months, against all odds she has managed to turn 13 years old.

However, the little girl’s life has been a constant struggle to survive, over 3 years ago her mother, who cared and gave her life for her, died of diabetes, her father left her to her fate when her mother died her father left the minor under the “care” of his brothers, but they live among the addiction of drugs.

One of them had an overdose and is currently in rehab, while the other three “live with her” leaving her most of the time alone.

At first glance, the little girl presents a severe picture of malnutrition, her body is emaciated and without strength, with tears in her eyes, the neighbors narrate the life of the minor who can barely cry and smile when she sees them.

Due to her condition, the little girl is always lying in an armchair, (dirty, smelly, and with ants prowling by the way), the house she lives in is in terrible condition, with garbage and a foul smell.

Daria Itzel hardly “eats” milk in bottles, the same ones that the neighbors are in charge of giving her, they say they have sought help from the municipal DIF, “but they only come to give pantries and say we are going to follow up and they forget”, these women they do not ask for money, or help in kind for the minor, they seek beyond help, “a nursery”, “someone to take care of the minor”, “a room to take care of her”, and so on.

The youngest cannot speak, but she listens and can see you, her only moments of happiness are seeing when her neighbors visit her, she smiles and tries to move, but does not do more, the neighbors try to feed her, bathe her and change her diapers.

Sad and with feelings of helplessness, they ask the authorities to attend to the case thoroughly, so that the minor can have a better quality of life, they emphasize that they are not looking for monetary help because there are people who have tried to contribute, but they prefer that someone take care of them “Good”, since sometimes the slightest convulse.

It is right on Calle Encima with number 7522, in the Rincón de Urías where Daria Itzel lives, the same place where her brothers and their friends gather to continue in the vice.

Out of fear of the brothers, the neighbors have not confronted them, because they fear they will do something to them, but “cutting it does not take away the bravery” for that reason, today they call on the municipal or state authorities to “turn around” to see the case.


The Mazatlan Post