Compliance with covid protocols has been key in the economic reactivation of Mazatlán


Guillermo Romero Rodríguez pointed out that the port’s tourism sector has had to make structural changes to survive during the pandemic

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Health protocols have been key in Mazatlán for the economic reactivation in tourism during the Covid-19 pandemic, said Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

The president of the Concanaco Hotel and Motel Commission commented that the pandemic has hit all sectors very hard, mainly tourism, which has led them to make changes at a structural level.

He explained that in order to reactivate the economy in this holiday destination, all establishments have had to comply with health protocols because otherwise, they are out of the competition.

” It has been very clear to us that we have been very hand in hand with the authorities because it is something that is here to stay, what used to be a nuisance is now a normal practice, we have had to make modifications, extra investments, to be able to offer health security to our visitors, “he said.

Romero Rodríguez expressed that in addition to the protocols, such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel, and healthy distance, in the case of Mazatlán, beach traffic lights have been implemented, reduced capacity in restaurants, clubs, shops and the requirement of proof of covid vaccination.

He highlighted that in the last two years eight months, private investment has amounted to 37 thousand 952 million pesos, of which 65% is tourism investment.

Currently, the destination has 13 thousand hotel rooms, and this year it will be closing with more than 15 thousand keys and five thousand units in the form of vacation rentals.

He expressed that today local businessmen are betting on the destination, mainly in investment in hotels, restaurants, condominium towers, subdivisions, and industry.

” Granting the Tax promotion certificates of the State of Sinaloa is the best way to encourage entrepreneurs to invest, without a doubt, this is a success story on all the complicated issues that are experienced by the pandemic, ” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post