Rains break channel that feeds Mazatlans Los Horcones water plant


The damage will affect water production, so the General Manager of Jumapam urged the population to take maximum care of the vital liquid, while Conagua rebuilds the damaged section

The torrential rains of Tropical Storm “Nora” broke the channel that leads the water to the Los Horcones Potabilizadora, which will affect water production, for which Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, General Manager of Jumapam, urged the population to take care of the maximum the vital liquid, while Conagua rebuilds the damaged section.

“Today more than ever we invite you to take care of the water, in every way, with the torrential rains a water channel that reaches the Los Horcones Plant was cut and we are going to have a decrease until it is repaired, so we are asking you to all users who reconsider the issue of water use, “said the official.

Núñez Gutiérrez reported that on Monday afternoon he went to the vicinity of Lomas de Monterrey, where the fault was registered and after inspecting it, he immediately let the different levels of Government know, especially the National Water Commission, that it is already working to compensate the damage, since the production of the Los Horcones Water Treatment Plant depends on this.

“Taking care of water is something that (the population) has always been told and today with more enthusiasm while that is normalized,” he added.

According to Jumapam, the water supply will remain normal as far as possible, however, the support and understanding of the public is requested so that whoever has a supply does not waste water and thus can reach the highest and most remote areas. from the city.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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