One last procedure is missing for the donation of 500 thousand vaccines from sister city says Mazatlan Mayor


He reported that it is very likely that this weekend he will go to Mission, Texas for the injections

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, informed that it is very likely that it will be this weekend when he will go to Mission, Texas for the donated vaccines.

He added that since it was the first time in the country that a donation was made to a municipality, they had to carry out various procedures, one pending completion.

“First it was a donation from the mayor, in writing they gave us the commitment, and another a letter from the secretary of state Health. We are working on that ”, he said.

Regarding the controversy with these Johnson & Johnson vaccines about causing thrombosis, Mayor Benítez Torres expressed that they are fake news.

“A note came out a long time ago that there were some cases and it had been suspended, it was found to be false; it was a fake news ”.


The Mazatlan Post