Mazatlán receive 500,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines from Sister city Mission Texas


Mazatlán.- The Government of Mazatlán asked authorities of Mission, Texas, United States, to donate 500 thousand doses of the vaccine against Covid 19, support that is in process and that could be released next week, reported Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

He said that the donation has already been approved and only the permits from the Ministry of Health, Cofepris, and the Mexican Foreign Ministry are awaited.

The mayor mentioned that the vaccines that will be received will be of the Jonhson and Johnson brand, and will be applied to laggards and people from other parts.

“We managed, with the help of a sister city of the United States, to donate 500 thousand doses of vaccines to Mazatlan, 500 thousand doses, but we have to do procedures through the Ministry of Health, Cofepris and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that is what we are doing, I hope that the weekend or the beginning of the other, we will release, “he said.

The Municipal President stressed that he will personally receive the vaccines, but must deliver them to the State Government so that the State Government makes the official delivery in Mexico.

He indicated that this weekend 7 thousand doses of the vaccine against Covid 19 were applied to laggards, which shows that the request for the vaccination certificate has been good, since those who did not want to apply the vaccine have agreed to do so, and it has been achieved the goal of protecting us all.

In July the City of Mission texas signs alliance with Mazatlán, becoming sister-cities

The City of Mission signed an alliance with the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa in Mexico— the first step in becoming sister cities.

Mission Mayor Dr. Armando O’caña, went to Sinaloa last week to begin planning for new industry brought through this alliance.

For O’caña, economic growth for Mission means capitalizing on railways, which was discussed in Mazatlán.

“From Mazatlán, through Monterrey, through Mission, all the way up the state of Texas, all the way to Chicago, all the way to Canada—moving it up to Winnipeg, Canada,” said O’caña.

Originally planned to cross through Laredo, O’caña saw an opportunity for Mission to grow.

“The City of Mission is in the process of doing a Mission-Madero-Reynosa-multi-moto international bridge that has rail component—we wanted to make that connection,” said O’caña.

O’caña said that according to a study led by the city, Mission is the middle point to major ports for trade between the Brownsville and Laredo trade route. Brownsville and Laredo are both 100 miles away from Mission.

The mayor explained that Mission has planned warehouse space and industrial parks for possible shipments that may pass through. The opportunity does not stop at trade, a high-speed passenger rail was also discussed.

It would start in Dallas, passing through Houston, and eventually connect to Mission, Monterrey, and end in Mazatlán—and O’caña still plans for more.

“We are working with the city of McAllen right now about a direct flight from the Mcallen airport to Mazatlán,” O’caña said.

O’caña said that a delegation from Mazatlan is expected to visit the Rio Grande Valley in September to finish signing the alliance and officiate the new relationship.


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