Mazatlan will remove some height of the pedestrian crossings/speedbumps on Camarón-Sábalo avenue says, Mayor


However, he insisted that they will be placed throughout the tourist area, prioritizing the safety of citizens

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The municipal president of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, reflected and recognized that the pedestrian crossings/speedbumps, placed in the Golden Zone, are too high and will be corrected.

However, it was maintained in what was said when reiterating that this type of speed reducers will be placed throughout the tourist area of ​​Mazatlán.

“We want Mazatlán to be an inclusive city, to protect the elderly, the disabled, and the entire pedestrian. So, by the way, we made it a little higher because we already knew that there would be disagreements, especially those who live there, “he said.

“All the ‘pedestrian crossings/speedbumps’ will be made a little lower, this will be corrected, but it is necessary to protect everyone,” he insisted.

Benítez Torres assured that there will be permanent surveillance so that drivers of vehicles and motorcycles respect the ramp or stop.

“We are going to have constant surveillance because it is only the first, there will be many more but only in the coastal area,” he added.

The mayor said that sanctions will be applied for motorists who do not respect them, (although he did not specify what they would consist of), given that they have reports that some drivers have taken it into account in hours when more traffic is registered.


The Mazatlan Post