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San Ignacio Sinaloa about to use public force. Why?

No one should go to streams, rivers, beaches, or recreational spaces, otherwise they will stop them, warns the municipal authority, they look for the wave of infections

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- To prevent and put a stop to the wave of COVID19 infections, in San Ignacio, its municipal authorities ordered this Saturday to close all public and recreational spaces, whoever violates this measure will be subject to the public force. 

According to a statement from the Sanignacense commune, the citizens of this municipality are made aware that streams, sectors of the river, as well as beaches and other sites used for recreation, were closed due to sanitary provision.

The idea is to stop this contagion of COVID19 and take care of the health of San Ignacio residents.

The statement from the San Ignacio City Council warns that if this sanitary measure is not respected and ordered by the municipal government, citizens will exercise public force.

He appealed that everyone without exception use facemask and keep the sanitary measures against this virus firm to help lower this third wave that affects Sinaloa and that San Ignacio exceeds 106 active cases

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