Mazatlan’s Gaviotas street remodeling progresses slowly


Shops register low sales and tourists pass through holes, machinery, and bad smells

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Merchants on Mazatlan’s Golden Zone said slowly advancing the work of rehabilitation of Gaviotas Street, which affects trade and tourism that staying in that area, which walks among trenches and odors.

Merchants in the area stated that the work started well and that the work continues, but that it progresses very slowly and that there are not many workers, in addition to that there is disorder, because unfinished sections are left, which maintains the whole street in chaos, when promised otherwise.

Currently, there is not much staff in the tasks that are carried out. 

“To what they had said, it is going slow, there are people working, but since there is a lack of more staff to accelerate this, tourists complain that they had paid for a cheaper hotel, so they run into here, they don’t warn them, I think,” said Roberto, owner of an establishment in the area.

The shops on the avenue are the ones that have been most affected; there is little influx of diners in some restaurants and little activity in the places that sell handicrafts.

Being a hotel zone, on weekends guests walk, with everything and suitcases, to Camarón-Sábalo avenue to take some type of transport.

As at the beginning of the rehabilitation work on Gaviotas Street, the merchants ask for it to be done expeditiously so that it is completed within the agreed period before the end of the Quirino Ordaz Coppel government, and so as not to affect trade and business in the Golden Zone, who have been seriously injured in their economy by the pandemic.

The state authorities announced that the work, which began on June 11, will be completed in its entirety with public lighting, flower boxes, urban equipment, and signage, by October.


The Mazatlan Post