Mazatlán businessmen take care of their employees before COVID rebound are sent to work from home


The president of Coparmex in Mazatlán said that the employer sector takes the pertinent measures with its employees, keeping a part at home doing their work and only where it is necessary to be in offices

Mazatlán, Sin.- Given the high number of COVID-19 infections in Sinaloa, and where Mazatlán lives this same reality of active cases, the employer sector takes the pertinent measures to avoid affecting its workforce more, keeping a part in home doing the work, and only where it is necessarily required are in offices, said Jorge Alberto García Félix

The president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic in the port of Mazatlán said that, although the use of a mask is a fundamental weapon for people and prevents contagion, it ensures that people also do not touch anything and avoid grabbing things, in order to help stop the virus chain, which with the new one, makes it more intense to spread.

“Companies that cannot send their workforce to work from home, as they will have to continue going to the office, but in our case we sent all the recommendations that we already know by heart, to all companies, to all our partners, and we are also having virtual conferences again ”.

The leader of the employers’ sector in the south of Sinaloa indicated that the sanitary filters must be strengthened at home, where no one at this time should relax again, since this maintains that we are again with a high number of active cases, and that when leaving to the street is done only for the essentials, respecting the healthy distance and maintaining the washing of hands.

Taking into account that Sinaloa, despite its red color due to the high numbers of COVID, and that the Government determined not to send to confinement, everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the care.


The Mazatlan Post