Culiacan police verify compliance with sanitary measures in bars and restaurants


There were no major incidents according to the Culiacán SSPyTM report

Derived from the increase of the Covid Virus, in the Municipality and by instruction of the Municipal President Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Traffic carried out a special operation to verify that diners and attendees of bars and canteens comply with the measures of preventive health to avoid contagion.  

This was headed by the Secretary of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic, Infantry Colonel Mauricio García Rodríguez, who indicated that they will be supporting the authorities to guarantee the use of the devices to avoid contagion, he said. 

“By instructions issued by the Municipal President, we are supporting all the authorities in charge of verifying that all the sanitary procedures are fulfilled in restaurants and bars, what are these procedures that are being verified, since the allowed capacity is fulfilled, the use correct face mask, the use of gel, temperature taking and also that the prudent distance is kept to avoid contagion “declared the official and reported that these activities will be carried out mainly on weekends, as these are the most mobility. 

García Rodríguez also pointed out that the Highway Police will continue to verify public transport, observing that both the driver and the users wear the mask.  

“We will continue to implement the activities through the Traffic Officials so that they verify in all collective transport, that all users keep their mouth covers well placed, that the drivers invite them to use the mask well, as well as the drivers have your mask “he explained.  

During the tour that began at ten o’clock at night, and ended at two in the morning of this Saturday, July 10, the bars to the south and north of the city were visited, which were entered to observe the compliance with the provisions, where the owners observed that provided by the authority as a good measure, indicated García Rodríguez.  

“The response of both users and managers, who until now we have been locating and requiring, as it has been seen with a good disposition because really people are becoming more aware that we are going through a situation that everyone We citizens want it to pass quickly, and if we respect these measures, then I believe that we can get out of the situation faster, as long as the health measures that we have already been implementing are maintained, “concluded the Infantry Colonel.


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