Mazatlan public transport ignores covid health protocols


They don’t want to understand! They adjust public transport in Mazatlán for not respecting measures against COVID-19

The Roads and Transport delegation reinforced the operations in the port’s public transport, as they continue to fail to comply with the health protocols against COVID-19

Mazatlán, Sin.- The increase in the number of COVID-19 infections in recent weeks in the port of Mazatlán, put the Roads and Transportation authorities on alert, therefore, it adjusts once again the health measures and controls that help cut this chain of propagation in public service units, declared José Vallejo Castillo.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán indicated that the main problem is registered in charioteers and pneumonia, mainly, since with the arrival of tourists these days, they sometimes incur in not respecting the allowed percentage of the number of passengers, and in other cases in the buses that cover the colonies of the port, therefore they already apply sanctions

 “We need the economy to open up, but we also need to be rigorous in that regard.”

Have they been sanctioned or fined in recent weeks?

“That’s right, we have been applying sanctions in a good number in the course of the last fifteen days, we can say that we are talking about more than one hundred sanctioned units, drivers of units between pneumonia, charioteers and urban trasponte”, he stated.

Corrales Vallejo noted that as of this week they will install decals in the units, in which they will seek to raise awareness about the use of face masks, and that a number is also referred, where people can also report those vehicles that are not respecting health protocols.

 “Not respecting the number of users who are authorized to transport, the lack of use of the mouth guard, and we are also attending annoyance that is causing the high noise of the sound, of course you are obliged to request it, however there is resistance by many users, there is certain for many users, there are sometimes serious conflicts that occur between the driver and the users, we are recommending that they give the service they receive in case of strong resistance ”.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán also asked the population to contribute to their care against COVID-19 and that at one point it could disrupt productive and economic activity, but in the worst case, health is at risk.


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