No warning signs placed were tourist died falling off Mazatlan’s El Corazon viewpoint


A few days ago a woman fell into the ravine and died

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. -The area known as El Corazón does not have any sign that it is a dangerous area, nor are there any agents who warn of the danger of walking through that area.

When taking a tour of the place, it was possible to verify that aurígueros, pulmonias, and also private units arrive with tourists to that place to take their pictures or admire the landscape.

But many of these people sit on the fence risking their lives, as they could lose their balance and fall backwards into the ravine.

When checking the area for any signs announcing the danger of sitting in that area or walking down the stairs, no signs were found.

They also looked for an agent who was on the lookout that people do not leave the area, where they are fenced off or that they do not put their lives at risk, and no police were located.

What could be observed is that the area has many cans and bottles of beer, which are left by people who come at night to drink.

Remember that last week a female fell from the top of the area known as El Corazón and later died.

But it is not the only death that has been registered in that area, but years ago a person was also killed when he fell into the ravine.


The Mazatlan Post