Public transport will not change health protocols in Mazatlán


The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán assured that even with a green traffic light, the measures will continue

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Even when Sinaloa turned green at the National Epidemiological Traffic Light, Mazatlán’s public transport will continue to apply the same sanitary protocols since the beginning of the pandemic, said Maribel Chollet Morán.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan commented that until the health sector authorities give another instruction, the use of a mask is mandatory, as is the application of antibacterial gel, the healthy distance, and the limits of capacity allowed in the units.

” In the part that corresponds to us of the transport, absolutely nothing has changed, the guidelines and protocols remain in the same conditions, while officially we do not receive a different instruction, the green traffic light gives us the opportunity that they will have been many other activities, but not transportation, we stick to the same protocol, “he said.

Chollet Morán warned that they will continue with the inspections and those who relax and do not comply with the measures will be credited with fines and sanctions.

He pointed out that the carriers must respect the capacity allowed inside the units since only 8 people should travel in aurigas, 4 in taxis and 4 in pulmonias.

While urban buses are not allowed to go standing, that is, only those who are occupying a seat.


The Mazatlan Post