Clearing of canals and drainage systems to prevent flooding in Mazatlán at 95%


These measures are taken prior to the rains, to reduce flooding

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The city’s canal and pipeline cleaning and de- silting program that permanently carries out Municipal Public Works, registers an advance of 95 percent, and will be ready by the end of the current month, prior to the season of rains, reported the director of this agency, Daniel Tirado Zamudio.

He commented that this work seeks to keep more than 40 kilometers of channels, streams, and pipelines in Mazatlán clean and unclogged, to drain and dislodge rainwater when they occur this season.

“We have been working on canal cleaning all year since I started, it has continued and we already have 95 percent progress, we still have some three or four stretches of streams to clean, but we have scheduled for from here to the end of the month to conclude, “he said.

He said that several sections of the streams and channels of El Castillo, Real del Valle, Real Pacífico, Chulavista and Presas del Valle are pending in the urban area, which cover about 2 kilometers in length.

As for the Jabalines stream upstream, he indicated that work will be done after the completion of the area with the most population in the city, immersed in the urban area.

“We still need to clean in El Castillo, right now we are working on the stream that is through Real del Valle, to Real del Pacífico, we are next to Real Pacífico; we are missing behind the back of Chulavista, the canal that passes through there; and we are missing Presas del Valle, this week we are scheduled to enter there, it would be about 2 kilometers that we are missing, already adding all the missing sections ”, he pointed out.

Tirado Zamudio called on the public not to use the canals as garbage dumps or rubble dumps because in the end, the harmed will be the population in general, since they will get muddy and will not allow the drainage of rainwater and there is a risk of floods.

“We have come across some that were already cleaned in February or March and right now they are dirty and we have to give them another pass, ” he said.

The gutter brigades work all year round so that the storm drainage systems are capable of draining and dislodging the rainwater before, during and after the high rainy season.


  • 48 kilometers of streams, canals and rain ducts exist in the city of Mazatlán.
  • Public Works has two brigades called canals, which permanently clean the bed of the canals and de-silt the pipelines.


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