These are the most flooded areas in Mazatlan and the risks they present after the rains


Heavy rains have been present in the port, so certain areas are already at risk of flooding or puddles

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The port of Mazatlán has some areas that are considered to be at high risk of flooding, which when the rainy season arrives are involved in large puddles, and in the worst case, they must be moved to city hostels.

One of the main reasons for these floods is due to the fact that the city’s hydrological system was not respected, building in unsuitable areas, depressed or next to bodies of water such as rivers or streams, the latter being the most at risk.

The risk areas are mainly characterized by elevations in the tide of said bodies of water, causing problems in the drainage systems, and therefore runoff, and currently there are many areas of the city that have a high tendency to introduce flooding.

In Mazatlán, the areas considered most prone to flooding are:

-Centro Histórico

-Puente Juárez


-López Mateos

-Jabalines y Estero del Infiernillo

-Villa Verde

-El Toreo

-Fraccionamiento Flamingos

When the rainy and hurricane season arrives, Civil Protection is in charge of carrying out operations around the attention of incidents that could arise, as well as the coordination of shelters to transfer citizens if necessary.

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