There will be heavy fines for those who break the ‘dry law’ in Mazatlán


The Mayor’s Office will have the support of the elements assigned to the Ministry of Public Security and Civil Protection in case their intervention is necessary.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Through its inspectors and with the support of Public Safety and Civil Protection, the Administrative Office ‘display’ strong operational monitoring and surveillance for businesses engaged in the sale of alcohol comply with guidelines the “dry law” in Mazatlán

The head of the area, Javier Lira González, explained that due to the election day of June 6, this weekend a different strategy will be applied because the inspectors will go through the shifts to take care that bars, clubs, and nightclubs comply with as stipulated by the Directorate of Inspection and Regulations of the State Government

“The morning shift will work a little later, it will join the afternoon shift and the afternoon shift with the night shift, that is, basically, they are the 32 elements that we have under surveillance distributed throughout the day”.

Are you going to request support from Public Security? 

“Well, everyone will do their homework and obviously if we need support from Public Security, Civil Protection or whoever we occupy, we will request the support,” he said. 

The local official said that this measure also goes to party halls or events because they will not be able to offer alcohol in their celebrations on Sunday due to the “dry law

He even warned with applying heavy financial sanctions to any business that is caught offering or selling alcoholic beverages.


The Mazatlan Post