Cuauhtémoc, Naval Military School Ship sets sail from Topolobampo Sinaloa


From Topolobampo it goes out to sea towards the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, leaving an important economic spill and white balance, informed the Captain of the Port, Jesús López Contreras

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Cuauhtémoc Military Naval School Ship sails from the port of Topolobampo towards the sea towards the port of Lázaro Cárdenas Michoacán, after carrying out maneuvers and air rescue drills in front of the boardwalk, as a thank you for the expressions of affection and hospitality they received.

Between applause and a warm farewell, they said goodbye to all the inhabitants of the port, ahomensesn and all the visitors who had the opportunity to get on board and appreciate the ship from the boardwalk.

“All personnel, report to their respective maneuvers.”

“Hymn of the Navy.”

“Goodbye, have a good trip.”

The arrival of the Cuauhtémoc ship at the port of Topolobampo was, is and will be an unforgettable experience, which exceeded all expectations, in addition to leaving an important economic spill, informed the Captain of Puerto Jesús López Contreras.

“It was an unforgettable experience for the entire port of Topolobampo, it met expectations and exceeded them, it was definitely a work of great coordination, true that it brought a significant economic benefit to the port of Topolobampo, an enhancement to the port of Topolobampo, which We are going to see it again for a few more years, but it took 30 years for the ship to return, and right now that it came back it was something very emotional, because there are no words no.

Captain López Contreras, explained that fortunately a white balance was achieved thanks to the coordination of the corporations and authorities, achieving more than 9 thousand visitors on board.

“There were visitors from Mazatlán, from Guasave, from many sides here in the state of Sinaloa, and that was very important, there were around 9 thousand or more visitors on board the ship, very close to what it had in Los Cabos, exceeded expectations, it was completely blank, with the exception that we had an accident on the road, but well it is no longer within our reach, but here in the maritime part there was absolutely nothing ”. 

The Cuauhtémoc School Ship will continue its journey through ports and oceans in order to continue the training and education of new generations of students, said the port captain Jesús López Contreras, who thanked the Captain of the Ship, Carlos Gorraez Meraz, for the hospitality and indicated that he is extremely happy, eager to return to Topolobampo.

“I understand that you are going to another port here in the Pacific and later you arrive in Acapulco, where you are going to change the crew and change students, the captain of the ship leaves extremely pleased, let me give a message to the citizens of Sinaloa, The captain of the ship and his crew leave highly pleased and they really leave happy to have been here in the municipality, they did not think it was like that and they really leave very pleased, they leave with the desire to return again in the future ”.

It should be remembered that the Cuauhtémoc ship has managed to visit 212 ports in 64 countries and arrived in Topolobampo as part of the Instruction Cruise 2021 “Bicentennial of the Mexican Navy”, within the framework of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Navy, founded on 4 October 1821 by Agustín de Iturbide.

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