Smooth sailing! Sinaloa attracts investors from the world


Not only national but international investors, today view Sinaloa as an attraction to bet on, says Javier Lizárraga Mercado

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The commitment to industrial development for Sinaloa and Mazatlán is increasingly firm to consolidate, due to not only international investors, but also local ones, said Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

Smooth sailing!  Sinaloa attracts investors from the world

The Secretary of Economy in Sinaloa, pointed out that a clear example is the important advance of the aerospace park that began last February, and today it has greater clarity of what will detonate the south of the State, in addition to the treaty with Canada and the United States

“We are going with very good progress, today in the morning I had breakfast with Lino Suárez, with Víctor García, the famous unmanned aircraft is going to come, which is going to be manufactured here in Mazatlán one hundred percent, all the components are going to be made here in the singular plant, which is going to be the anchor in the aerospace park, this is going to be and will also be the Temec corridor project, the new port here near Mazatlán ”.

He indicated that recently, even investors from Spain showed their interest in visualizing in Sinaloa and establishing a greater link, where they currently see a potential for exportable products, and that there is a bilateral trade of 220 million dollars.

“ Spain is very interested in bringing investment here to the country, they had the interest of coming here to Sinaloa, we already attended them here in Mazatlán, in Culiacán they were pleasantly surprised. It is a very important investment fund company so that they can bring us investment of Spain towards here ”.

The state official indicated that today, as never before, Mazatlán consolidates its economic growth and development, thanks to the establishment of new investments, hotel chains and condominium buildings, which not only generate sources of employment but also open new paths to attract the establishment of companies.


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