On a working trip to Sinaloa, AMLO bats in a baseball game (VIDEO)


AMLO visits the Picachos Dam, and upon his return, in the community of La Cofradía he bats in a baseball game

The hit of the Mexican president was celebrated by the players, who later asked him for a photograph with them, which he accepted before leaving the field accompanied by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and the Secretary of Public Works of the State of Sinaloa, Osbaldo López Angulo.

“I’m going to send the photo to (Julio) Urías. ‘Photos with your countrymen, I’m going to tell him,” AMLO said, referring to the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher from Sinaloa.

Hey, congratulations on what you do, I envy you, “he told the baseball players as he left, surrounded by state government officials.

AMLO arrived in the south of the state on Saturday, May 15th, to visit the place where the Santa María Dam is being built, in Rosario, and on Sunday the president visited the Picachos Dam.

Source: Noroeste

The Mazatlan Post