December 28th the dollar falls against the peso


Various financial entities set the average price of the dollar with respect to the peso

Mexico .- No, it is not a joke for the Day of the Holy Innocents, this Monday, December 28, 2020, the Bank of Mexico established the exchange rate at $ 19.8517 MN lower than the $ 20.0562 MN, with which it closed the previous day .

During the last few days the exchange rate has had stretches and falls with the Mexican peso, but on New Year’s Eve it “dropped two lines!

Some financial entities set the average exchange rate today at 19.9763 pesos and buy the dollar at 19.7197 and sell it at 20.2329.

Those who are dedicated to the purchase and sale of dollars or will pay with the greenback, must be attentive to the exchange rate, as well as the businesses that receive the foreign currency, to verify that the provision is complied with and that they deliver the corresponding value .

The week with bad numbers for the dollar with a decrease of -0.02 points, 0.12 percent; In the month it has dropped -0.23 points, representing -1.15 percent, in the year it has credited 1.14 points, which means 6.12 percent.

If you want to know which bank or finance company gives you more or less pesos per dollar, check the following table.