Sinaloa leads job growth in Mexico during February


Culiacán, Sinaloa. With a monthly employment growth rate of 2.5% in February, Sinaloa was placed in the number 1 position nationally, reported the Ministry of Economy.

The most recent report from the Mexican Institute of Social Security confirms that this increase, compared with January, exceeded the national rate, which was 0.7%.

In February, Sinaloa created 15,179 new jobs compared to the previous month, ranking third nationally in job creation.

In total, the entity added 626,138 formal jobs in February, thus establishing the highest number of formal jobs in its history.

In terms of annual comparison, Sinaloa generated 15,264 new jobs, with the agriculture, livestock, and fishing sector adding 4,916, commerce 4,132, and services 6,801.”

Source: El Economista