Mazatlan shrimp ladies and Playa Norte fishermen increase sales for holidays


Shrimp sales grow with the famous ‘Changueras’ of Mazatlán

María del Rosario Beltrán, leader of the Union of Shrimp Producers, specified that they notice a large influx of local consumers and tourists

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Union of Shrimp Producers of Mazatlán estimates that at the end of the December holidays, the sales records are positive and higher than seventy percent, mainly due to the purchase of shrimp for Christmas dinner, declared María de Jesús Beltrán Flores.

The leader of the group known as the Changueras commented that in recent days the commercialization of crustacean and other shellfish increased by up to 40 percent, 20 percent more than what they maintained until before December.

“Right now I think that it will increase us, from lost to sixty we already consider ourselves well served, because right now the Christmas bonuses have already started, people have already left classes, and right now people are visiting us, they consume us a lot local people for dinner ”.

Indicate that the exit of classes and delivery of Christmas bonuses begins to be noticed with the purchase of shrimp for the different dishes offered at Christmas dinners such as ceviches, cocktails or hot cuisine, this due to the arrival of people from outside to celebrate with their family in the city.

Beltrán Flores indicated that although there is a lot of tourist and civilian character, it is the locals who most consume the products they offer on Aquiles Serdán Street and estimate a greater rebound when it is time to return to the places of origin of the visitors.

Sales are flowing! In Playa Norte they will spend Christmas Eve with a bonanza

David Ramírez Jiménez, fishing leader of the Punta Tiburón cooperative mentioned that at this time the most consumed is the sierra and lobster

Sales are flowing!  In Playa Norte they will spend Christmas Eve with a bonanza

 Due to the good influx of consumers that there are in recent days to buy fish and lobster in the Playa Norte area , fishermen foresee a good end of the year ‘lightened’ with the good sales that are reflected in the different cooperatives in the sector, especially Punta Tiburon.

David Ramírez Jiménez, fishing leader , commented that what has been sold the most for this good night is lobster and saw , with a considerable increase in the demand for the product, which benefits from the good volumes of catch presented by the smaller vessels.

“Well, within what is possible, it has been better, there has been production, there has been (money) to take home for the tortillas and well, yes, I think we are going to close the year very well, within what is possible.

Afecta viento a pescadores de Playa Norte - PressReader

He indicated that fishermen have also benefited from the purchase of other species such as snapper, which is used for shaking, with reports of good catch by producers, not in large quantities, but that it goes out to ‘hustle’ for sales with an increase that changes the panorama that they have experienced throughout the year due to the issue of the pandemic.

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