Mazatlan removes 6.3 tons of garbage from its beaches


In 30 days with an extension of 462 kilometers, more than 5,000 caps, 79,000 cigarette butts and 1,159 straws were collected

Mazatlán, Sin.- In the 30 cleaning days promoted and organized by the Operadora y Administradora de Playas (OAP), during 2020, in which civil organizations, groups of volunteers, students and teachers, hoteliers, service providers, and companies, 6.3 tons of garbage was removed.

One thousand 709 people took part in these cleaning works, covering an area of ​​more than 462 kilometers of beach.

Along the coastal zone of Mazatlán, 6,357 kilograms of garbage were collected, in addition to 5,529 lids, 79,274 cigarette butts, and 1,159 straws.

It should be noted that this year the volume of garbage removed during cleaning days is lower than in 2019, when 9.6 tons were collected, due to the confinement of society due to the health emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year 5,103 lids, 173,519 cigarette butts and 1,116 straws were removed.

With these cleaning tasks, OAP staff seeks to raise awareness in the population and that more and more people avoid littering the coasts.

The purpose is that those who help us clean them, know the correct way to do it and are aware of the benefit that together we provide the ecosystem and the ocean.

OAP Annual Report

In 2020, the OAP promoted and organized 30 cleaning days on Mazatlan beaches. 

Those who participate in the cleaning days by the Beach Operator say they are aware that cleaning the beaches constantly is not the solution to the serious pollution problem that human beings cause by their presence in these spaces; however, they refer that with example and awareness, more and more people can avoid leaving garbage on the beaches.

In addition to the cleaning days, the Beach Operator periodically carries out the manual and mechanical cleaning on the certified beaches, as well as environmental education workshops and monitors environmental management by all the actors involved, such as hoteliers and authorities, who must implement various actions for cleaning, security and ordering them, in order to maintain the certifications and make the beaches look clean.


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