7.1 tons of garbage is removed from the beaches of Mazatlán


In 57 cleaning days, they collect 2,579 lids, 24,324 cigarette butts and 328 straws

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- So far this year 7.1 tons of garbage have been removed from the beaches of Mazatlán, in 57 cleaning days organized by the Beach Operator and Administrator, in which 1,312 people and 57 institutions have participated or entities.

Throughout the coastal area of ​​the port, 7,103 kilograms of garbage were collected, in addition to 2,579 lids, 24,324 cigarette butts and 328 straws.

The beach cleaning works have covered 25 kilometers of the coast of Mazatlán, including Avenida Del Mar, Olas Altas, Gaviotas, Luna Bonita and Cerritos.

Members and staff of civil organizations, volunteer groups, activists, hoteliers, service providers, dependencies of the three levels of government, business chambers, and companies have participated in the tasks.

According to data provided via access to information for transparency, the Beach Operator and Administrator report that 7.1 tons of garbage have been removed to date in the coastal area of ​​Mazatlán, a figure that represents 65.7% of the volume collected during the year last.

Statistics show that in 2019, 46 cleaning days were carried out on 49.63 kilometers of beach, with the participation of 1,080 people. In that year, 13.6 tons of garbage were collected.

Last year, the OAP organized and supported 44 cleaning days, which covered 27.3 kilometers of beach, in which 1 thousand 985 citizens participated, who collected 10.8 tons of garbage in the coastal area.

This year, the cleaning work has been extended to 25 kilometers with the support of 1,312 people who have collected 7.1 tons of garbage, 328 straws, 2,579 lids and 24,324 cigarette butts.

Beach Operator and Administrator staff points out that the volumes of garbage removed during cleaning days during 2020 and 2021 is lower than in 2019, due to social confinement due to the health emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The purpose of these cleaning tasks organized by the OAP is to raise awareness in the population about the consequences of pollution and so that more and more people avoid littering the coasts.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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