VIDEO: Loose tiger causes panic in the streets of Ciudad Juárez


A loose tiger was caught peering into the houses of the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood, causing panic in the inhabitants of Ciudad Juárez.19 December 2020

Inhabitants of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, captured on video a loose tiger prowling around the houses of residents of the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood, which caused panic in the area.

In the video that was published on social networks, a woman can be heard warning of the feline to a person who, apparently, also lives in the area, to whom she warns: “Do not come on foot, a tiger is on the loose with a chain. 

The tiger can also be observed when it stands on two legs in front of the window of a house, while the inhabitants of the home are surprised by the feline.

It is then that the tiger hides behind a truck and shortly after it can be seen fleeing the area.

According to what was published in Diario de Juárez, some neighbors noticed the arrival of a truck to the area a few meters ahead, from which two subjects got out and took the feline into the vehicle to return by the same road.

cuidad juarez tiger

A few minutes later, police and firefighters arrived in the area, but there was no longer a trace of the wild animal that terrorized the inhabitants of said colony.

So far the Civil Protection coordination has not referred to the incident, although it is expected that in the next few hours it will take a position on it.


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