Mazatlan seniors waiting to be adopted for Christmas


Although in previous years the grandparents have received up to three gifts each, this year the help has been so little that the gifts can be counted on with just one hand, Asilo la Inmaculada invites you to join the campaign

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Christmas is the perfect season to show affection and good intentions to the people around us before the year ends, however in the Immaculate Asylum for the Elderly, this year will be different, as well If they are still in preventive isolation due to Covid-19, they will not be able to receive visits but donations, inviting the Mazatlan society to join the campaign ‘Adopt a grandfather and fulfill his Christmas wish’.

Through social networks, it was that the call was announced, where a photograph of the grandfather is shown along with his Christmas wish, which range from a box of chocolates to a pair of cotton pants that protect them from the cold.

“We have already been doing this for a couple of years to put the grandfather’s wish together with the photographs, but as a result of the situation we are experiencing, which is the health contingency due to the pandemic, we wanted to extend ourselves a little more, even we put a list of the needs basic products of the entire nursing home, there are even cleaning products and personal hygiene products for the grandparents, ”reported Laura Amor, in charge of the nursing home.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Laura this year they have been restricted in the essential necessities of the grandparents, so they request support in items that range from cleaning products to personal hygiene.

“What we did was publish the announcement in order to ask the community to support us with this, with the wishes of the grandparents, this year there will not be any extraordinary celebration because normally the grandparents have visits during all these days, they always go some company, some school to make an inn type, or they bring them gifts “, he mentioned.

Although in previous years the grandparents have received up to three gifts each, this year there has been so little help that the gifts can be counted on with one hand since they have 31 older adults, that is why they request the support of citizens.


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