Mazatlan Pulmonias and Auriga driver blame passengers for loud music


Drivers of public tourist transport agreed that this practice should not be carried out

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Pulmoneros and Aurigueros agreed that they are forbidden to play music at high decibels after hours in some sectors of the city.

However, it is the client who most of the time forces them to disregard the instructions.

In a survey that Reacción Informativa carried out for the city’s first cadre, the drivers of the tourist public transport agreed that this practice should not be carried out, but in most cases, it is the passenger who asks for it.

Luis N, pulmonia driver, explained that it is almost always the client who asks for music and that sometimes when they do not want to turn up the volume, they have even exited the unit, and these cases happen more when they are already ‘intoxicated’.

Mario Miranda Ramírez, knows that they are forbidden to make noise with loud music, and when they do not arrive with the users with music, they do not want to board their unit and they simply leave.

“Look when you know when a client is uncomfortable, so when dealing with him I realize what he is like, I don’t argue, I simply withdraw and avoid problems,” he said.

The Auriga driver Mario does play music for them, but low.

“Generally they do ask me and when that happens I put it low and when we go through places where we cannot have loud music, I turn it off,” he revealed.

He mentioned that he already knows that it is prohibited in certain areas of the city such as the Historic Center and other sectors, but he prefers to avoid problems.

This week, municipal authorities would hold a meeting with a committee of affected residents and personnel from the transport delegation to reach agreements and solve this situation.

120 fines to carriers for loud music

120 fines were issued this weekend for loud music

Benítez Torres indicated that they will continue with the same procedure until drivers understand that there are regulations

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, revealed that 120 fines have been issued to drivers of rental transport by levels of loud music.

“We are making our effort, I see that the majority of some columnists say that there is no government, yes there is a government, there are 120 fines for those who increase volume in their units,” he said.

The Mayor of Mazatlán also stated that hundreds of fines have been applied to those who obstruct the ramps and the problem is that they prefer to pay.

“We are going to continue acting like this until they understand that they must accept, we also made an operation so that they do not allow aurigas and people who bring load music to any of the parts where (people) are complaining,” he added.

Blocked access to Raizer-type vehicles in Olas Altas

In addition, Razor-type vehicles in Olas Altas were also blocked from entering certain areas

During the weekend a business received a fine for not respecting security protocols

Given the requests made by residents of the city center so that cars or razors do not circulate with loud music, the authorities gave the order that no vehicle of this type can enter Olas Altas from 8:00 p.m.


The Network Operations coordinator, Jesús Mazik García Hernández, mentioned that the razors will only be able to circulate on Del Mar Avenue and at the height of Zaragoza Avenue, they are asked to return.

In relation to the filters that have been installed in support of the settlers, 20 fines were imposed on pulmonias and aurigas for not complying with moderating their volume or bringing excess baggage.

In what are clubs and bars, this weekend only one fine was drawn up for not respecting the health protocols.

cars type raizer razer

While in the bars there were no crowd ´problems and they are being supported by police elements because some people do not leave.


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