AMLO would inaugurate Mazatlan’s Camarón Sábalo and Rafael Buelna Avenues


During his visit to Sinaloa, on November 21 and 22, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador could be in Mazatlán to inaugurate Camarón-Sábalo and Rafael Buelna avenues, said in the interview the mayor of Mazatlán Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who from another part Regarding threats to his safety by alleged policemen, he said that he is not afraid “because he has not killed anyone nor does he owe anyone.”

On a question about the possible effects on the municipality due to the budget cuts to the states and municipalities from the federal government, the municipality pointed out that Mazatlán has a lot of tourism and for those and other reasons income enters the public coffers and with that we can move forward.

Questioned by the visit of the President, the chemist said that his presence is confirmed for those dates and that he may inaugurate the aforementioned avenues, among other works of social benefit.

As for the Good End and that a long weekend is coming with a “bridge”, he said that he has nothing to say to the officials of Operative Networks, they already know their work, and I am aware via the Internet in real time what is happening in many sides.

In questioning young people who have disappeared in recent weeks and graves found on the island of La Piedra, Mayor Benítez pointed out that the loss of human life is regrettable, but that he has no reports of missing persons, neither the Special Prosecutor’s Office nor Public Security . “Sometimes social networks are alerted to various issues, without having to,” he said.

Finally, regarding the threats to his safety, he said that he is not afraid of anything, “because he has not killed anyone nor does he owe anything to anyone.”


The Mazatlan Post