AMLO says they decided to flood indigenous areas, the poorest, instead of the state capital Villahermosa


TABASCO, MEXICO.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accepted that his administration decided not to flood the state capital Villahermosa. The president justified himself and added that “a decision had to be made” so the decision was to flood the Chontal indigenous communities of Nacajuca and Centla, the poorest communities in Tabasco.

“That Carrizal River runs through Villahermosa, that gate was closed, and all the water from the dam continued through the Samaria to the lower area, Jalpa, Nacajuca, Centla, that’s the problem, we chose not to flood Villahermosa and send the water to the Samaria river, that runs through the low areas.

“Of course, the people of Nacajuca were harmed, they belong to the Chontal ethnic group, the are poorest communities in the state, but we had to make a decision, we saved the area where most of the people in Tabasco live, a major flood was avoided,” AMLO said.

In a video broadcast on his social networks of the overflight he made this morning, the president assured that the exhaust situation is already different compared to last week.

He was accompanied on this flight in a helicopter of the Mexican Air Force (FAM), by General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense (Sedena); Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, head of the Navy; Laura Velázquez Alzúa, national coordinator of Civil Protection, and Governor Adán Augusto López.

“Again we are flying over the Peñitas dam. The situation is different now, the water level has dropped a lot, a week ago up to 2 thousand cubic meters per second was being extracted from the dam, now the outlet is 1,200 cubic meters per second.

“That means less water for the Tabasco plain, less flooding for the low areas,” he said in a video where he toured the Peñitas dam and various flooded areas of his home state.

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post