Armed men kidnap journalist in Mazatlan, Sinaloa


Journalists from Mazatlán and Culiacán demonstrated to demand the state authorities to find photojournalist Carlos Zataraín alive.

Journalists from Mazatlán and Culiacán, Sinaloa, demonstrated to demand the search of photojournalist Carlos Zataraín, who was kidnapped along with two other people by a group of armed men, and their whereabouts are unknown.

The armed group broke into a home, took the three men by force and and left a gagged woman inside the building. Zataraín was a photojournalist for the Noroeste newspaper.

According to the version of the newspaper, they were all inside a home in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood, in Mazatlán, when a group of armed people arrived and began to argue with them.

The incident took place on Saturday, November 14th, around midnight, but the Nortoeste executives found out until Sunday morning, and when they could not locate the reporter on his phone, they went to the South Zone Vice Prosecutor’s Office to file a complaint.

Colleagues of Carlos Zataraín demonstrated on the Mazatlán boardwalk and in downtown Culiacán to demand that the authorities expedite the searches and return him alive.

Local authorities have said they are already searching for the photojournalist, but have so far been unable to locate him.

Carlos Zataraín (Archive)

When something like this happens we feel helpless, we only get to the demonstration, as a resource of impotence, to demand justice, because we cannot do anything else, what we can do when armed people come and take away one of us, we use tape recorders and telephones to record, we are not evil people, journalists do not use firearms, “said María de Los Ángeles Moreno, president of the June 7 Journalists Association.

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