People in Jalisco enjoy nightlife despite rising infections


Lights, music, and hundreds of walkers crowd the Chapultepec corridor, as COVID-19 cases increase.

On Avenida Chapultepec, in Guadalajara, the neon lights are always on. There the music reverberates and hundreds of people laugh, eat, drink and take pictures. Life, despite the COVID -19 pandemic and increasing infections, passes normally in that commercial corridor.

“Pass him, there is an offer. Choose your first drink and the second is free. There is a table here for everyone ”, is heard when walking around the place on a Saturday night.

Despite the fact that only between Friday and yesterday 1,734 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Jalisco (the two days with the most infections since the pandemic hit the Entity), customers of bars and restaurants in the Chapultepec corridor pretend that they are taking care of themselves, because they wear the mask on the double chin while they laugh in a group.

Young people, adults and entire families are among the audience. Far from some yellow strips that “prohibit the passage” to the median, but very close to each other on the sidewalks and in the establishments.

Until Sunday, October 25th, the State registered 87,321 people who fell ill from the virus. And despite the fact that the numbers of infections grow day by day, the Guadalajara Center also looked crowded during the day on Saturday.

As a measure to avoid the concentration of people, the authorities closed the public squares. But in the absence of those spaces, walkers now congregate on Paseo Alcalde or on the walkways of Pedro Moreno, Morelos, Colón, and the sidewalks of Avenida Juárez. 

Although the majority did wear face masks, there was also a large percentage of those citizens who did not know how to use the mask. 

“I don’t take those things very seriously, I’m not a big believer in things. I’m not afraid of that. If he’s going to touch me, he’s going to touch me ”, shared Jorge Alberto Zamora Reyes, who admitted that he went to the Center just to have fun.

Downtown Guadalajara was also packed on Saturday. THE INFORMATOR / G. Rooster

For the second day, Jalisco exceeds 800 infections

The Radar Jalisco system reported that the Entity registered 834 new infections by COVID -19 on Sunday, October 25th, maintaining a high incidence of cases pending the application or postponement of the “emergency button” that will be announced today. 

The indicator, which will tighten if the 400 active cases per million inhabitants and 50% occupancy of hospital beds are exceeded, would close economic activities at night and on weekends. 

For the second consecutive day, the State exceeded 800 infected per day, after 900 cases were registered last Friday, the highest number of infections so far in the health emergency, which began last March. Also, it reported the deaths of 31 more patients by the pandemic.

In total, there are 87 thousand 321 people who have tested positive for the new coronavirus in Jalisco, as well as 3,857 deaths. Young adults ages 30 to 34 are the age group with the highest number of cases. 

The age group with the highest incidence is young adults ages 30 to 34, followed by people ages 25 to 29.

However, the state government stressed that the hospital infrastructure to care for the sick has not registered saturations or overcrowding, since the occupancy rate continues to be less than 30% of available beds. The limit that would activate the emergency button is 50 percent. 

The authority insists that the guard not be lowered and recommends wearing face masks and avoiding crowds in closed spaces.


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