Mazatlan will close Aquiles Serdán Ave


Due to the construction of rainwater collectors, as of Monday they will close the Aquiles Serdán street

Mazatlán.- Once the construction works of the rainwater collectors in the downtown area of ​​the city have progressed, starting this Monday, Aquiles Serdán Avenue will be closed to vehicular passage in the section from Leandro Valle to March 21.

This was explained by the Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González, who said that the works were delayed due to the work that the construction company had been carrying out on other streets.

However, he indicated that the works will be carried out to conclude the project in the coming weeks.

Francisco Guerra reiterated that the urban truck stop located by Leandro Valle at the height of a clothing store that will be moved to Constitución and Doctor Carvajal will be modified, as well as the one found in the Municipal Market “José María Pino Suárez ”.


The Mazatlan Post