Mazatlan mount police operation to contain the fans of Monterrey FC


In the presence of some 1,500 royal fans who will attend to support their Rayados del Monterrey team that faces Mazatlán FC this Saturday, more than 530 elements will be watching that order is not altered and that health protocols are kept.

The coordinator of Operative Networks, Karina Torres Ruelas, reported that at the direction of Mayor Benítez Torres, the sale of beer will be limited to the last 15 minutes of the game so that people can start heading home.

He explained that a special operation will be mounted where there will be municipal and state public security, municipal and state Civil Protection and the National Guard, as well as private security personnel from the stadium in conjunction with Operation Networks, an estimated total of 532 people.

What is not wanted, he said, is to avoid crowds and keep a healthy distance, in addition to the use of a mask in order to enjoy the football game in the best way.


Before the attendance of about 1,500 fans of the Monterrey FC, the municipal official announced that there is already a special operation to keep them under control.

“We already have an operation already set up by Civil Protection, they will be in charge of directing them from the starting point to the stadium and at the end of taking them to the hotel where they are staying, this with the intention that they stay there cheering and avoid crowding. What if they want to go around the city in the truck? it will give information on what are the guidelines that they have to comply with here in Mazatlán, ”said Torres Ruelas.

He acknowledged that they are aware that this team fans can be rough, but 532 elements are already prepared to take care of security and protocols.

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