Mazatlan fans celebrate their team’s victory


Finally, fans were able to see their team play in the brand new stadium, and they really celebrated Mazatlán FC’s victory.

MAZATLÁN.— Mazatlán FC managed to come out with three points after the match against Ciudad Juárez. The purple team got the victory (3- 2), which was enjoyed not only by the players but also by the fans.

The Mazatlán FC game became the first game with fans in the stands after six months of playing in empty stadiums. For this reason, the team was prepared with all the necessary sanitary measures.

Once inside the stadium, fans showed their interest in respecting the sanitary measures, but not all of them behaved appropriately, which was harshly criticized on social networks.

However, most of the fans respected the healthy distance and other measures such as the use of face mask and antibacterial gel.

The fans of the purple team put together a great celebration in the vicinity of the Kraken Stadium.

Through videos and images that circulate on Twitter and other networks, it can be seen how the fans sang, danced, and hugged after the victory of Mazatlán FC.