Mazatlan Mayor promises to investigate police abuse


After being shown in a video on social networks of a police abuse against an alleged thief who was threatened with 50 slaps or sodomized, the mayor considered it very regrettable.
Although he acknowledged that he was not very aware of the issue, he promised to file a complaint against those policemen.

“The truth is unfortunate, I am not aware. If so, we are going to report it to the Public Security Internal Control Body, ”warned Mayor Benítez Torres.

This Thursday, a video was circulating on social networks, an alleged assailant is seen who is threatened by municipal police to give him 50 slaps or sodomize him, which accesses the latter option so as not to be beaten or sent “to Juarez.” , where it is said like this in reference to police separations.

The person was filmed by the same police officers and you can see the Public Security star and some letters from the Municipal Police.

In another sense, the Municipal President rejected that at the Municipal Workshop there were at least 20 patrols out of service.

He assured that there were several in the Municipal Workshop, but they have been coming out to put them back in the operation.

“Remember that we are taking care of the resource, the most expensive ones do not come out, the least expensive ones are all coming out, but that number, verify it,” said Mayor Benítez Torres.

Asked about at least three of the new patrols that were standing in the same Municipal Workshop, he said that he did not have information on the matter, but that there are resources to remove the patrols that will not lead to greater expenses.


The Mazatlan Post