3.8 people die a day from Covid-19 in Mazatlan


The number of new patients decreases, the death toll remains high and the number recovered low

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With an average of 20.3 new cases, 3.8 deaths, and 20 patients recovered per day, the incidence of Covid-19 is maintained during the month of September in Mazatlán, according to statistics from the official portal of the Ministry of Health of Sinaloa.

And although the number begins to decrease in terms of new patients, the number of deaths remains high and the rate of recovery is lower than in June and July, with 24.5 and 21 daily discharges, and slightly higher than in August, with 19 cases for each day.

Despite the incidence of Covid-19 cases, the population is still reluctant to keep a healthy distance and wear face masks. 

In terms of deaths, the port has a monthly record of 46 in May, 109 in June, 103 in July, 143 in August, and, until September 19, 74 deaths, which represents a daily average of 3.8 per day in the current month.

The monthly report of cases has remained high since June, which had the registration of 798 new patients, in July it was 738 and in August, 780; while in March, April and May there were only 3, 50, and 518 cases, respectively.

While the platform of the Ministry of Health shows that 386 new patients with Covid-19 have been registered in Mazatlan until the 19th of September, the Viral Thermometer of the MZTourist App reports 424 new cases, which means an average of 22.3 per day.

With this incidence, the municipal government continues to consider that in the port the reports of cases are few and with a very low risk of community contagion.

According to this viral thermometer, of 35 or fewer cases, the risk of community contagion is very low; From 36 to 38 cases, it would be under control, with no immediate risk of relapse, and only in the case of 39 or more cases per day, the risk of an epidemic relapse would be high.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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