Mazatlan Finally Removed the Trash, But! … They Forgot about Other Beach Areas


* Thank you !, merchants say * Not just in the hotels of the “Governor”

Merchants and restaurateurs from the Golden Zone thank the Beach Operator, headed by Jorge Contreras, who finally asked a group of workers to clean up garbage last Sunday, mainly large tree trunks that, surely, they were washed away by the waters of rivers and then the sea towards the beach.

Some of these logs served as a clothesline for tourists in front of the Costa Marinera restaurant and in the vicinity of the hotels belonging to the governor Ordaz Coppel’s family.

But there we call on the official to ask his people to finish that work and also remove the large logs that are in other beach areas, such as between the Mazatleca restaurants and what was the El Capitano restaurant.


The Mazatlan Post