Mazatlan new exclusive bike lane already being blocked by parked cars


Who will penalize the obstructing a bike lane on Gutiérrez Nájera?

With this omission, drivers put at risk the lives of those who drive their two-wheeled vehicles to their work centers

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Even without being officially inaugurated or handed over to the municipal authorities, motorists who circulate along the recently remodeled Gutiérrez Nájera avenue, invade the shared bike lane that was designed in the project for the free transit of bicycles.

In a tour that Reacción Informativa made through the avenue, it was found that drivers invade the third lane enabled for the circulation of two-wheel vehicles, regardless of the indication of the signage where the exclusive lane for bicycles is specified.

In some sections it was observed how drivers perform maneuvers in both lanes looking for a place to park before the gaze of some traffic officers.

The painting of the signage has already been damaged as a result of this same unconsciousness on the part of some motorists, who put the lives of those who go to work on their bicycles at risk.

On April 15, in full health contingency due to Covid-19, and to the astonishment of merchants and neighbors, the remodeling work on Gutiérrez Nájera avenue was inaugurated, three months later, on July 26 it was opened to circulation, and although it has not been officially released, motorists continue without respecting the municipal traffic signs.


The Mazatlan Post