Check in which avenues of Mazatlan there will be an exclusive lane for urban transport


The idea is to reduce the number of accidents, and by the way that there is a better vehicular flow for both urban transport and motorists.

MAZATLAN. – The public transport sector in Mazatlán could finally see one of the greatest demands crystallized: an exclusive lane for them.

This, in order to reduce the times that urban buses make routes in the city, and even reduce accidents, reported Juan Zataráin Velarde, leader of Autotransportes de Águilas del Pacífico.

He commented that the exclusive lane will prevent buses from overtaking or playing “carreritas”, in addition to being on a par with large cities, such as Mexico City and Puebla.

“The main thing is that we are going to reduce accidents between 50 and 60 percent, at the moment when the trucks already have their preferential lane, and they are no longer playing races, nor invading other lanes, nor do motorists invade the lanes of the transportation, that will help a lot with the roads”, said Zataráin Velarde.  

Who will invest? The leader said that they already had an approach with the municipal authorities, which would bear the expenses in the facilities of the lane delimitations.

How when will it be a reality? There will be a total of three stages, the first would be starting from the Insurgentes traffic light to Gutiérrez Nájera; the second stage will be from Gutiérrez Nájera to Miguel Alemán, while the third stage will be from Insurgentes to the ISSSTE clinic.

However, both the leaders of the Águilas del Pacífico, and the Alliance of Urban and Suburban Trucks will seek that it also be applied on Gabriel Leyva Avenue, to vent traffic.


The Mazatlan Post