New Mazatlan restaurant “La Tradicional de Olas Altas” offer live music and beachfront dining


With a concept in the style of Sinaloa, La Tradicional de Olas Altas opened this Saturday with fish, seafood, and Tambora in front of Paseo Clausen in Mazatlan.

The characteristic of this restaurant is in its menu that includes dishes of the traditional cuisine of the state, adding desserts and craft beer, under the leadership of chefs David Sánchez and Manny Inzunza.

One more attraction is its location in front of the Mazatlán boardwalk in Olas Altas, providing diners with an excellent view of the sea from the three floors of the restaurant. The atmosphere is familiar and ideal for spending time with friends, as it will feature background music, as well as a live band on special occasions.

Eating fish and seafood, in addition to finding healthy fun, is possible at La Traditional de Olas Altas, which will open daily from 11:00 to 23:00 and on weekends until 01:00 in Paseo Clausen.

For investors, it is very important to bet on this area of ​​Mazatlán, which is very attractive for locals and tourists, which was noticed when the restaurant opened the doors, to which its first customers began to arrive without invitation.

The Mazatlan Post